DEVONIAN ICHTHYOFAUNA OF THE VOLYN MONOCLINE. D.P. Plax. Belarusian Research Geological Exploration Institute Kuprevich Str., 7, 220141, Minsk, Belarus E-mail:

The paper presents the results of studying the core from the boreholes № 6624, 6629, 6630 and 6632 drilled in the territory of Ukraine within the Volyn Monocline, as well as some additional information from the literature describing the finds of the Devonian vertebrates within the above tectonic structure. Vertebrate assemblages and zonal taxa of agnathans determined in the Devonian deposits were used to divide them into stratigraphic units, and data on vertebrates enabled the correlation of these deposits with the synchronous deposits developed in the adjacent territories of Belarus, Russia and the Baltic States. The composition of stratigraphic vertebrate assemblages known at the moment were essentially supplemented, their full list and stratigraphic distribution are presented. The Stratigraphic Chart of the Devonian of the southwest of Ukraine was taken as a stratigraphic basis of the division of Devonian deposits in the studied region.