STRATIGRAPHIC ICHTHYOFAUNA ASSEMBLAGES OF THE DEVONIAN DEPOSITS IN THE EAST AND SOUTHEAST OF BELARUS. D.P. Plax. Belarusian National Technical University, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 65, 220013, Minsk, Belarus E-mail:

The paper presents the results of the palaeoichthyological study of the core from fifteen boreholes drilled in the territory of the eastern part of the Pripyat Trough, Bobruysk Buried Ridge, Zhlobin Saddle and the northwestern slope of the Voronezh Anteclise. Some references with data of the Devonian ichthyofauna within the investigated area are cited to complete the information. The vertebrate assemblages and guide taxa of the agnathans and fishes that have been established were used to make the stratigraphic division of the Devonian deposits. Apart from that data of vertebrates were used to correlate these deposits with the synchronous sediments developed both in the territory of Belarus and abroad, namely, in the adjacent territories of Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic States. The paper supplements the previously known composition of the stratigraphic vertebrate assemblages of the Lower, Middle and Upper Devonian in this area and provides their full list and stratigraphic distribution, as well as considers their facies restrictions. The Stratigraphic Chart of the Devonian deposits of Belarus (2010) has been taken as a stratigraphic basis of the division of the Devonian deposits in the studied area.