GRAPH THEORY APPLIED TO MINERAL SERIES TAXONOMY: THE CASE OF 7-COMPONENT SERIES. Yu.L. Voitekhovsky, Institute of Geology, Komi Science Centre, Ural Division of RAS, Russia

The problem of mineral series taxonomy and ordering is turned to that for the related graphs. It is shown that almost all of the 2-, … ,  7-vertex graphs (1251 in common) may be distinguished from the point of how their full subgraphs relate to each other. An appropriate notation for the graphs allows us to order them lexicographically. This gives us simultaneously an order relation for all the 2-, … , 7-component mineral series from the point of their inner complexity. The method is enough to describe precisely even the most perfect mineral series known like garnets, spinels, carbonates etc. Various graph transformations simulate mineral series evolutions. This leads to another weak order relation among the series with their complete variety being defined as a full structure of an evolutionary character.