CORRELATION OF THE ALEXANDRIAN (MATVEEV ROV-2, BELARUS) AND THE MAZOVIAN (ADAMÓWKA-I, POLAND) INTERGLACIAL PROFILES BASED ON THE DIATOM ANALYSIS. G. Khursevich, Institute of Geological Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk; B.Marciniak, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Ancient lacustrine interglacial deposits stripped in the profiles at Matveev Rov-2 (Belarus) and Adamówka-I (Poland) were correlated on the basis of local diatom assemblage zones distinguished in them and compared with pollen zones.

The same type of the diatom succession namely Cyclotella →Fragilaria is characteristic of both profiles. Cyclotella comta et var.lichvinensis et var.pliocaenica, C.michiganiana var.parvula, C.schumannii, C.temperiana are the typical diatoms in the Alexandrian (Mazovian) Interglacial.