CLIMATIC “MEMORY” OF THE GEOTHERMAL FIELD. A.M. BOYКОV, Institute for Geothermal Problems of the Daghestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences Makhachkala, Imam Shamil sir., 39-a, 367030, Russia

A method of modelling of a climatic “memory” stored in the geothermal field under conditions of the groundwater filtration is described. A reliability of various methods used in reconstructing fluctuations of the Caspian Sea level caused by the transgression-regression cyclic recurrence was estimated from the results of geothermal field modelling. The radiocarbon method is considered as the most reliable and is chosen as the basis for modelling in the context of paleogeothermal studies of the problem. Both the character and depth of propagation of the surface temperature paleojumps into upper horizons were estimated under conditions of upward and downward filtration of groundwater. The estimates were made for the ground paleotemperature fluctuations in the northern part of the Caspian Sea region.