A NEW GENUS OF THE PLACODERM FISH (PLACODERMI, PTYCTODONTIDA) FROM THE UPPER EMSIAN DEPOSITS OF BELARUS D. Plax Belarusian National Technical University, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 65, 220013, Minsk, Belarus E-mail: agnatha@mail.ru

The paper presents a new representative of the placoderm fish Borysthenoplax lepelensis gen. et sp. nov. from
the Upper Emsian deposits of Belarus. The skeletal material of this placoderm fish is represented by separate mostly
well-preserved plates of the trunk shield originating from the cores of four boreholes. Detailed characteristics of
stratigraphic occurrence of the skeletal elements of this new placoderm representative is provided in the paper.
Some concomitant organic remains are shown additionally. A detailed lithological description of the enclosing
rocks is also presented.