LITHOFACIES MODEL OF KARST DEPRESSIONS LOCATED IN THE NORTHEASTERN PART OF THE ARABIAN PLATFORM (WESTERN IRAQ). M. Al-Obaidi Belarusian State University, Faculty of Geography, Department of Dynamic Geology Leningradskaya, 16, 220050, Minsk, Belarus E-mail:

The present study is concerned with the karst depressions in the Hussainiyat area of the western desert of Iraq. The Hussainiyat area is situated about 90 km north of the Rutba town between the longitudes 40°59’17″- 41°27’3″ E and latitudes 33°22’30’’- 33°37’30” N covering an area of about 700 km2 (Fig.1), and specifically in the Nuwaifa formation (Paleocene-Eocene)(Al-Mubarak,1983) which is formed by allochthonous sediments of clay, claystone and sandstone and autochthonous sediments of bauxites.