ICHTHYOFAUNA FROM THE LOWER CARBONIFEROUS (VISEAN) OF THE BELARUSIAN PART OF THE VOLYN MONOCLINE. D.P. Plax. Belarusian Research Geological Exploration Institute Kuprevich str., 7, 220141, Minsk, Belarus E-mail: agnatha@mail.ru.

The paper presents for the first time descriptions and images (photographs) of the micromeric skeletal elements of various groups of the ichthyofauna, which were determined in carbonate-clayey rocks from the Upper-Dregovichi Subformation of the Dregovichi Formation of the Mikhailov Regional Stage of the Visean Stage of the Belarusian part of the Volyn Monocline. Besides a descriptive palaeontological part, the paper includes detailed lithological and biostratigraphic characterization of deposits, where the ichthyofauna remains were found, as well as a separate historical review of the Lower Carboniferous ichthyofauna studies in Belarus. The new data obtained supplement the information available of the palaeontology and stratigraphy of the Lower Carboniferous (Visean) deposits found in the territory of Belarus.