HEAT FLOW OF THE PRIPYAT TROUGH. M.S. Zhuk, P.B. Tsalko, V.I. Zui, Institute of Geological Sciences NASB, Minsk, Belarus.

Salt tectonics is widely developed within the Pripyat Trough. It results in a contrast distribution of temperature and heat flow fields in intersynclinal structures, salt swells and domes, as well as in the whole platform cover. Observed heat flow values depend on the studied depth interval and geometry of salt bodies. Interval heat flow density estimates are discussed in the paper for a number of boreholes of the Pripyat Trough, drilled both within salt structures, and within intersynclinal zones. High heat flow values correspond to the cap rock deposits, which frequently have indications of their increased permeability, as well as to the upper parts of rock salt massifs. The influence of hydrogeology conditions, salt tectonics and lithologic features of rocks comprising the platform cover on the heat flow distribution pattern is discussed.