For authors

The materials for publication are taking in the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Research and Production Centre for Geology” (office 227) or sending to the chief editor of “Lithosphere” to the address: 220141, Minsk, Kuprevicha street, 7, Republican Unitary Enterprise “Research and Production Centre for Geology”, “Lithosphere”.

To publish an article in “Lithosphere” magazine the author is required to get permission and expert’s evaluation of the organization where authors work.

The article should have Universal Decimal Classification and must be signed by all the authors stating author’s name and phone numbers for contact with the editorial staff.

Scientific material should include the introduction, body, conclusion and list of references. The introduction reflects the main objective of the scientific paper, gives brief characteristic of the issue (case) which should be defined and solved within this article. The conclusion represents ordered output of conclusion points.

The title of material is to be typed by upper case letters.

On the next line after the headline the information with the initials, author’s name, organization name, address and Е-mail should be pointed out.

The size of article including text, illustrations, tables, the list of references and summary shouldn’t exceed 15 pages, and the size of brief reports, reviews and chronicles shouldn’t exceed 3 pages.

The scientific material should be followed by the next tools: references for the legislation, documents of official interpretation of law, materials of law enforcement practice, scientific literature, statistical data, data room information and the other data which justify its scientific foundation.

Released scientific articles should be followed by an annotation (review) in one of the national languages of the Republic of Belarus and in the English language (around 10 lines), and for brief statements – (5-6 lines).

Abstracts in the English language should be:

  • informative (should not include generalizations);
  • individual (should not be a calque of the Russian-language annotation);
  • contextual (should reflect article content and the results of investigations);
  • structured (should follow the logic of result description in the article);
  • «English-language» (should be written in proficient English);
  • tight, but not short (from 100 till 250 words)

Manuscripts are presented in 2 printed copies (sheet of A4 format with 170 x 225 mm field, interline spacing – 1.5, Times New Roman 12 font, the page numbering is in the upper centre of the page). Electronic copy of article should be also provided.