Единственный в Беларуси специализированный геологический журнал «Лiтасфера» широко известен не только в Беларуси, но и за ее пределами. В нем печатаются статьи и короткие сообщения, основанные на новых материалах исследований во всех областях геологии, в первую очередь результаты изучения недр Беларуси, а также рецензии, дискуссии, хроника важнейших событий в геологической науке и практике, в том числе сведения о конференциях и совещаниях, защищенных диссертациях, памятных датах и др. Редколлегия принимает к опубликованию материалы на белорусском, русском и английском языках. Объем одного номера «Лiтасферы» - около 20 печатных листов. Издается с периодичностью 2 журнала в год.

This unique edition has the title “Lithosphere” – a term which became very common these days. These periodicals are published by almost all our neighbors in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. The peculiarity of “Lithosphere” is that it is the only geological journal in Belarus.

It must be noted that in previous years Belarus was distinguished by a rather high level and a large number of publications in the field of Earth sciences. Annually about 20-25 monographs and collection of research papers appeared and several hundred articles were published in the most diverse geological fields. They were issued not only in Belarus, but also abroad. But there was always a constant necessity for a specialized geological journal which would reflect the achievements of scientists and geologists. That’s why “Lithosphere” was founded. It is obviously that such edition influences the development of science, improves the efficiency of the geological service, expands the connections between geologists of the republic and specialists of other regions and strengthens the authority of Belarusian geologists.

Over recent years Belarusians have been doing researches on general and regional geology, geochemistry, geophysics, tectonics, petrography and lithology, paleontology and stratigraphy, paleogeography, hydrogeology and engineering geology, mineral resources, geoecology and other areas. These researches are reflected in the periodicals. The intention to extensively cover the results of the mineral resource investigations is due to the choice of the title of the journal.

This journal is aimed at a wide range of researchers and geologists-practitioners who work both in research institutions and universities, and in production industry. The specialists of related industries and, for example geographers and ecologists can find all the necessary information here. It will be also helpful for local historians. The main purpose of the edition is to inform the readers about the latest achievements in geoscience in Belarus and other regions.

In addition the journal contains reviews of the most interesting publications, discussions, chronicles of major geological events, information about conferences and meetings, and defended Ph.D. dissertations.

The editorial board expects that “Lithosphere” is necessary for everyone who takes an interest in the structure, composition and history of subsoil formation, problems of prospecting and exploration of mineral resources, geological survey, and rational use of subsoil resources, mineral wealth conservation, and perspectives of the development of geology.

Editorial board.