ANALYSIS OF SEISMIC ACTIVITY IN LATVIA WITHING 1992-2001. V. G. Nikulin, State Geological Survey of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

An identification of explosions that took place in Latvia and the adjacent area (55.33-58.33° N; 20.5-28.5° E) in 1992-2001 was carried out. The seismic events associated with explosions were excluded from the file of seismic statistics. For the rest of seismic events, the analysis of their areal distribution and their possible correlation with the tectonic pattern was performed. Eight zones showing an abnormal concentration of the residual seismic events were identified. The distribution of epicentres of the residual seismic events and their possible relation to tectonics were analysed. As the result of the analysis an existence of actual seismic activity in the Irbe Strait and Dagda areas was revealed.