ON THE SARGAEVO DEPOSITS (FRASNIAN, UPPER DEVONIAN) OF THE LATVIAN SADDLE OUTCROPING WITHIN THE SARYANKA RIVER BASIN (BELARUS). Plax D.P. Belarusian National Technical University; Nezavisimosti Avenue, 65, 220013, Minsk, Belarus; agnatha@mail.ru; Zaika Yu.V. Unitary Enterprise “Geoservice”; 53, Janka Maur str., 220036, Minsk, Belarus; yu_z@tut.by

The paper presents a detailed lithological and stratigraphic description of the type outcrops of the Saria Beds of the Sargaevo Regional Stage exposed within the Saryanka River basin (Verkhnedvinsk district, Belarus). A composite stratotype section consisting of several representative exposures that provide a full description of this stratigraphic unit is suggested. The Saria Beds in this type area are represented by the dolomite strata with a few thin clay interbeds. These deposits are supposed to be accumulated in a rather shallow marginal sea basin during the transgressive stage of its evolution. The Saria Beds are described by a quite diverse fossil assemblage consisting of the skeletal elements of various groups of the ichthyofauna, invertebrate remains (brachiopod and gastropod molds and imprints) and charophyte algae oogonia. The cephalopods, as well as the miospores, acritarchs and bivalve relicts are reported from the Saria Beds for the first time. The palaeontological and lithological data, as well as the position of the rocks in the sequence were used to make the more precise definition of the age of the Saria Beds and for their stratigraphic correlation. The taphonomy of the fossil assemblages from the Saria Beds was discussed. The paper also contains a brief historical review of the geological studies of the Devonian outcrops within the Saryanka River basin. The results reported herein should be used for future refining the Stratigraphic Chart of the Devonian deposits (2010) accepted in Belarus.